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What Rates And Fees Are Charged?

Lenders Interest Rates, Fees and Charges


Interest rates can vary between as little as 8.95% to as much as 29.95% depending on a borrower’s overall profile and the kind of borrowing being undertaken. Interest rates are fixed for the term of the loan. The interest rate charged will depend on numerous factors regarding a borrower’s financial circumstances, taking into account:


The amount of the loan

The term of the loan

The borrower’s income

The borrower’s other financial commitments

The borrower’s credit history


Essentially, the lower risk the loan for the Lender, the lower the interest rate charged, the riskier the loan for the Lender, the higher the interest rate charged. Credit assessment can be a complex process, but Lender systems are fairly accurate in determining the statistical risk of default for any type of borrower or situation. Less tangible assessments can be made on the type of security being offered, the industry the borrower operates in, and the profile and character of the borrower.

What can be more flexible however is the premium a lender may charge for different levels of risk, so it is still possible to obtain loans from alternative sources at lower costs, despite the assessed risk being the same between alternate Lenders.

Lenders each have their own set of Terms & Conditions, Interest Rates, Fees and Charges, and there can be different sets of documentation for different types of loan for the same Lender. We have provided examples of the most common types, however, you will receive full disclosure of all Terms & Conditions, Interest Rates, Fees and Charges for you to review at leisure at the time of your loan offer*. To understand terms and charges from the most common finance Lenders, please click on one of the Lender links below. As a Finance Broker, Bizi Finance is paid by the Lender, and does not charge additional costs directly to the borrower.

*All Lenders Terms & Conditions, Interest Rates, Fees and Charges provided for illustration are not binding and are subject to change without notice by the Lender, however, once your loan is documented, they may not be changed from the Terms & Conditions, Interest Rates, Fees and Charges detailed in your loan agreement.

To understand the rate that will apply to you, Please Call Us On 09 930 6260 to discuss. To get an overview of the standard fees and charges by Lenders, along with the typical terms and security documentation required the the Lenders, please review the tabs at the bottom of this page BIZI Finance does not charge additional fees over and above those charged by the Lenders –  the Lenders pay us.



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