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Application Documents

Ideally, we recommend you speak to your broker first to apply. They will provide you with all the required documents, but please feel free to download an application form if you prefer to complete it yourself.

How We Work For You

Our goal is to find you the best deal, as well as the Lender that best matches your needs.


BIZI Finance is a broker, and because we have access to a wide panel of Lenders, we can usually find you a better deal, without it costing you any more than dealing direct with a single Lender, including options that may not be open to the general public. Our Service includes:


Flexible monthly installment options, and a range of terms from 12-60 months.

Great Rates.  


Fast Approval and Turnaround time.

Flexible, non-bank lenders with long histories of serving clients.


Whether you are looking for a family saloon for personal use, or a logging truck, or something in between, we can help.

Needing to purchase new capital equipment, upgrading plant and machinery? We can help.

Needing funding to help pay for a new marketing campaign, hiring new staff or fitting out new premises. Give us a call to see how we can help.

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